Join the fruacking facebook group.

Right here. Group number 2368027280.

You could be member 69. You won’t win a prize though…

Stumbleupon loves #0099 for some reason. I think it’s terrible.

5 Responses to “Join the fruacking facebook group.”

  1. Nii Says:

    This website is… Addicting.

  2. Ani Says:

    I love this website. Would be cool to have forums. ^_^

  3. Ani Says:

    and FTR: you spelled “though” wrong (You won’t win a prize tough…—> FAIL)

  4. tom Says:

    Nice catch, I guess

  5. Hebergeur Says:

    We’re adding a new functionality to the Archive! To date, only work creators have been able to add their works to collections. With an upcoming code release, collection owners and maintainers will also be able to invite works to collections!

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