The storg.net calling card! Maybe you have one?

This is the newsblog.

News will be posted here

We have a new logo up there.  That’s pretty cool.

Currently working on:

  • Pruning crap stories.
  • Forums again maybe?
  • Buying Christmas Presents.

You can post questions in the comments if you like. You can even post comments in the comments if you like. Let’s do this.

7 Responses to “Welcome.”

  1. Benjaman Says:

    Bring back forums, woooo.

  2. Ricci Says:

    steal my online panache again and you’ll be hearing from my lawyers. you go?

  3. ruDeBoi/gilcuminframjamaica Says:

    I’m all lost at the supermarket!!!!

  4. tom Says:

    Yo testing right here.

  5. tom Says:

    Thanks everybody. You are the reasons I get out of bed every evening.

  6. Gunny Says:

    Is this one of those “politically correct” forums?

  7. evgens Says:

    nicen unden postenerun

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