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High school for me was a joke, just like it is for everyone. As a result, me and my friends did anything we could to make the days more entertaining. One plan started with two of my friends and a fake blood pill left over from Halloween.

They approached the front desk to the office from opposite directions, right in the middle of a sizable crowd.

One pretended to bump into the other and knock his books out of his hand. A mock fight erupted quickly.

Naturally, a satisfyingly large number of people gathered around to watch. Hall fights are the best thing about high school. The office staff even crowded around, peering over the top of their partition walls and desks.

With a mighty (fake) left hook, one friend caught the other square in the jaw. Right on cue, he bit into the blood capsule, sending blood spraying onto the crowd and the wall. He fell down, clutching his mouth and screaming. The victor, his role played out, dashed off.

The guy on the ground was really hamming it up, even going as far as to remove the popped capsule and claim he'd bitten a chunk out of his tongue.

And what did we get from the office staff?


Apparently we were too well known around the school as being mostly harmless pranksters, so they knew it as an act from the start.

We had to clean the fake blood off the wall, naturally.