by Boris


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So we are sitting around watching bad horror movies at Josie's house. At some point in the night someone comes up with the idea of telling Josie that her TV is also a touchscreen. Having fallen victim to our pranks before she didn't believe us, but after explaining that "Trinitron" is Japanese for touchscreen and overusing the word "seriously", we managed to get her to try it out so she reaches out and touches the screen saying "I know this isn't going to work, guys!" and then as her finger hits the glass... the movie pauses.

"Oh my god! I can't believe my family didn't tell me it was a touch screen." She presses it again and the man on the screen resumes cutting someone up with a chainsaw. Naturally we tried to take it too far and told her that if she dragged her finger across the screen it would rewind but whoever had the remote up their sleeve screwed up and pressed the wrong thing and she worked it out. She still hasn't lived it down though.