by Spookyu


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A while ago me, my cousin, a mutual friend and his girlfriend where driving around at some obscene hour with a couple of paintball guns. Eventually the idea was spawned that we would light up the school. We pull stop one road over from the school and me and Kyle (the mutual friend) get out with the markers and crawl prone all the way to a ditch from which to fire at the massive library windows. We open fire, peppering the entire side with paint, and laughing hysterically. Through a breakdown in communication our 'getaway' car had parked on the other side of the school so two men in ghillie suits carrying very realistic looking paintball guns ran down a rural neighbourhood street in the middle of the night, how we didn't get shot is a mystery to me still.

Things didn't really get interesting until my cousin decided to stop for a pee break in a closed gas station parking lot. He hops out and walks over to a snow bank to take care of himself, when out of nowhere some high beams flick on pointing directly at us. All of us are wondering what is going on, and my cousin looks like a deer caught in them. He goes to hop in the truck again, when the flashers come on and the cop pulls up closer. It was very much an "oh shit" moment as I attempted to hide a paintball gun between my legs under my coat. Luckily he wasn't cited for public urination and I didn't have a gun drawn on me that night.