by Boris


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One of our friends had just recently moved into a house they had just built in this shiny new area that was filled with construction sites. We spent the very early hours of the morning exploring the houses in various stages of development, nearly breaking our legs six times each. Eventually we stumbled onto a skip bin full of the shiny silver tubes they use for heating ducts. Dressing up like a spaceman was what naturally followed.

So here stands one of our buddies, dressed head to toe in this silver shit looking really bulky and crazy. So what does a moonman do at 2am in the morning? Why, he tries to hitchhike back to the moon of course!

After approaching a number of cars on the really quiet streets nearby and getting the same reaction over and over (slow down... what's that? WTF? DRIVE! GO GO!). We moved onto to a much busier road trying to flag down a friendly motorist to help us get back to the moon. As our luck would have it, the first would-be-victim was a member of the Earth authorities. I've never seen a spaceman undress so fast and bolt back into the bushes. Fortunetly the police couldn't be arsed chasing after us in the dark and we made it home with no worries.

Driving past the spot weeks and weeks afterwards, the remains of the moonman's costume were just lying their glinting in the sun as a reminder of a pretty fun night.