by slrman


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I was riding with a friend of mine in his 911 Porsche. As usual, we were going pretty fast. Inevitable, we were caught doing about 80 in a 65 mph zone. My friend had a couple of previous speeding violations so thins one could cost him his license.

when the officer approached the window I said, loudly enough for him to hear, "Harry, I told you not to drive that fast when you've been drinking. Especially in a stolen car!"

Harry didn't drink a all and had owned this particular car for several years by then.

The officer stopped short and ordered everyone out of the car. " Hands on the fender, spread your legs, do not move."

After breathalyzer tests for both of us, careful scrutiny of Harry's license and some protracted radio time, he came back and handed Harry his license, registration, and insurance papers. "You can go, with friends like that, you don't need another ticket."

After we are back on the road and Harry grumbling about, "That wasn't a damn bit funny."

I reminded him, "Twenty minutes ago, you thought your license was gone. Now, we're back on the road, no ticket and a great story for your grandchildren.

Harry never had any children or grandkids, but mine have enjoyed this story for years.