by cwolf


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Before I begin. I was the camera man and the laugh track for this little adventure. Surprisingly enough, it kept me from being retaliated against.

The "after hours" crew of which I was a member of at a campus house, decided to pull a prank on a friend whose name escapes me now. We called him "Frodo" for so long simply because he could probably walk onto the Lord Of the Rings set and be a dead ringer for the actor after he got ready for his part.

So here's the adventure. Keep in mind that a minor prank war had been going on for about two weeks.

Frodo had to sleep due to work the next day. So he left around 10pm. We were all playing pool, or cards. Our "geniuses" of the group came up with a plan.

Long story short.


Frodo's red Ford. A toilet in the bed. I was tasked with taking a picture of a friend pretending to use the restroom in full view of what turned out to be sorority girls yelling "Whoo-hoo!".

Then we wrapped the truck in toilet paper, while a friend was bungee cording the cab doors to the steering wheel.

After that, we saran-wrapped the truck. We left the cab window alone and open. After all, Frodo did need to get in.

Chocolate syrup was poured all over the saran wrap, followed by whipped cream on the roof. And a cherry on top. We then placed the picture of the guy on the toilet on top of the saran wrap leaning against the cherry. The whipped cream held it well surprisingly. It didn't move till Frodo pulled it off.

After all this, we admired our handiwork. Or rather I laughed maniacally and they admired. It amounted to the same thing.

Then someone decided to take rope and tie Frodo's apartment door to the outside railing, without any slack.

He was slightly ticked to say the least. He did however get dates with two of the sorority girls who remembered the night before. They helped him get the truck cleaned off so he could get to work.