by dale


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Me and a bunch of friends decided to head down the coast for a week during the summer last year. Beforehand, one of us decided to head out to one of those stores to buy a blow up doll for the hell of it. On the way down the person in the passenger seat of one of the cars (the one I wasn't in) would put on a show with the doll for other road users, bobbing her up and down on his lap and that sort of thing. They also had a vid camera in the car and some of the reactions they got were priceless... unfortunately when I saw the footage I noticed one of the people trying to pretend he hadn't seen it was my Dad on his way to work. Luckily he didn't recognise my friends at the time.

Just recently something came up that reminded him of the story and he was telling us all about it. I laughed so hard, and longer than anyone else that he gave me a look and then when he worked out why, narrowed his eyes and said "You little shits..."