by Kent


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It's the beginning of my second year of civil engineering and I don't really know anybody, because I took off a couple of years after my first year. I do notice that this year has a few actually decent girls in the class, so I decide to make a move early with the hottest one. And she wasn't just "hot for civil engineering", she was actually quite hot. I notice she is taking the bus, so after a few minor conversations I offer her a ride home. She lived downtown, but it wasn't really out of my way and it wasn't quite rush hour so it wasn't a big deal.

As we are approaching downtown I stop at a light behind a red F-150, when I see something to my left that startles me. A bum flies passed my left on his bike barrelling towards the middle of a very busy intersection. I saw the panic in his eyes as he passed me and figured he must not have had any brakes. In his state of panic he makes the decision to hit the truck in front of me instead of testing his luck in the intersection. He takes a hard right at the last second and smashes his face directly on the side view mirror.

These two poor old ladies in the truck were not sure what to do as this guy was lying, bleeding and moaning in agonizing pain next to their truck. He eventually got up and they gave him some napkins through a small crack in their slightly unrolled window.

Maybe he should have checked to see if the brakes worked before he started riding in the middle of busy streets.