by LazaruS


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One of the dumb things I used to do as a kid was the old "shine a laser pen into someone's house" trick. I don't know what made it fun but it was. Usually the default reaction of my victims was first to turn off their lights and make like nobody was home and then come bursting out the front door with a light after I kept doing it for ten minutes. Then I'd wait a minute before doing it again.

One day I decided to take one of my friends along, he'd recently acquired his very own laser so now we had twice the annoying power. As luck would have it, the very first time I had someone else join in would also be the time I'd pick a house that a complete psycho lived in. So we start our shining, chasing each other's dots around in the living room of this big house when, blam, all the lights on the front go on and this huge bald guy bursts out the door wielding a baseball bat. I still can't work out whether he knew where we were or he just guessed but he started running straight at the bush we were hiding in. Of course, we did what any self-respecting ten year olds would do; ran like whippets all the way home. The guy chased us for ages and must have seen us go into the house because he knocked on the door a couple of minutes later.

Lucky for us my much older brother answered the door, and being a cool guy, played dumb and said "uh... it's just me and my parents here... no kids live here, buddy". He went nuts for ages until my brother threatened to call the police. After he left bro informs me "Next time, I'll hand you guys over and let him have his way with you." We never did do it again.