by nurse kami


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Ok, so I'm a nurse on a busy medical pulmonary floor at a large university hospital. My life is made miserable by class after class of medical students newly turned to residents with stunted social skills and over-developed egos.

So I'm on the phone with a patient's son, and he's really upset because his father was taken to surgery hours ago and there's been no word on his progress. I'm in the process of trying to calm him down when a panicked looking doctor comes running up the nurse's station and tells me my patient is bleeding out of her IV. I told her I'd be there in a minute and return to my conversation, trying to politely get off the phone with this emotionally distraught man.

Emotionally distraught man is not letting me off the phone easily however and in less than a minute a different doctor approaches me and again insists that I come see the patient. I turn around ask another nurse who had just arrived to please go look at my patient.

Not even 30 seconds after that ANOTHER doctor approaches me and tells me my patient's bleeding. At this point I tell the son that I really have to go and I'll call him back.

I go down the hall into my patient's room thinking that something akin to the chainsaw massacre had better be going on in there or someone's going to get it. I enter the room and my confused and annoyed looking patient is sitting on the bed. Her IV had come disconnected from solution tubing and she had been slowing dripping blood onto the floor. The nurse I had asked to fix it was in the process of cleaning up the mess with 4 (yes that's right...4) doctors looking on in total amazement and bewilderment. Seriously...4 doctors stood around and watched my patient bleed and were completely unable to help. What are they teaching at these med schools anyway?