by OJ Pimpson


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A few years ago I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan. I, like the majority of the E4 and below, practically lived in the fleet center; a five-story building with a food court, arcade, gym, basket ball court and a small store among other things. This particular day the center was packed as hell, especially the food court/arcade. Whenever it got packed people would cram into elevators like their lives depended on it. At least 12 on every trip. I just finished showering after working out and got on an elevator with 4 other guys coming from the basketball court. At this point it should be noted that all five of us are a little taller than average and some what athletic looking. Oh, and black.

As soon as the elevator opened on the floor below us (the aforementioned food court/arcade) the expected flood of people rushed the elevator then stopped a few seconds after the doors opened completely. All except for one, kinda short, white guy checking his cell. After stepping one foot in the elevator he looked up at us and without hesitation got right back off. I heard the guy next to me kinda chuckle while saying "what the fuck?" under his breath. The next few seconds waiting for the doors to close were kind of awkward as everyone in and outside the elevator pretended that nothing was wrong. I didnít really know what to make of the whole thing. I donít know if I should have felt offended or was making too much of the situation, but right before the doors closed all 5 of us laughed our asses off.