by Ruby


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My grandfather is a wonderful man. His sense of humor is impeccable. Unfortunately, he suffered a stroke about 10 years ago. He recovered to a point, but will never be the same. He has lost his "filter" he says and does whatever he damn well pleases.

On this particular night, we are out to eat at a very busy restaurant. My grandpa sits at the kids end of the table. We wait about an hour with little service. My grandpa, frustrated, begins to bang his fists on the table and chant, "SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE!" The kids, all 5 of them, do not hesitate to join in.

So the waitress approaches this table where 5 kids are chanting the word "service" lead by a disgruntled old man. As if this is not enough, my aunts try to explain his actions by repeating, "He's had a stroke! It's OK he's had a stroke!"