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I had to take a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for a school project earlier this year, and so I thought it would be fun to bring my boyfriend along.

I was pretty sure that it was going to be exceedingly dull for him, seeing as how he is not that big on art... and indeed it was. So after putting him through that misery, I wanted to make it up to him by going to the science museum, dinner, and a lovely little dessert restaurant.

Let me say that we knew what times the buses/trains were leaving the whole time, and we were counting on the 6:00pm one.

After eating a particularly magnificent chocolate fudge cake and coffee, we proceeded to high-tail it over to the train station while I tried to make a phone reservation with this horrible automated voice named Julie... yes Julie. We ran through crowds of people as we began to realize we probably were not going to make it. Finally as we entered the gate my ear still plastered against the phone as I'm about to receive our number, the train is leaving and the man leaning out asks us if we have a reservation number and I say, "In just a second we will." He closes the door.

Man, so we walk sadly to the desk and ask when the next train leaves. 11pm. Fuck that. The guy says, "I think there's a bus that leaves from the South station in about a half an hour."

"Gee, thanks mister."

So we enthusiastically hop on the subway to get to South station, and upon arriving ask which bus to take. We found one that went to a nearby town and that seemed to be the best we could find. We weren't concerned about getting to our actual dorm though, because there is a campus bus that leaves ever half hour from that town. We got on the bus a few minutes later and were quite pleased... until about an hour went by and we still hadn't moved. Once we did move, we regained hope. The bus chugged along for about an hour and a half until it stopped again. What is it now?! Delayed for ANOTHER hour, because our driver was chatting it up with some dude at the station. We were losing patience.

When our driver finally got his act together, we got to our nearby town and immediately noticed that the buses stopped running at 10, and it was 11...

It was friggin' cold, so we walked over to a laundromat. I thought to call my friend to come and get us. I asked him if he'd like to drive 20 minutes to come and save us. He has never been very dependable but he has a car, but he said, "I've been having a rough day and want to wait until my girlfriend calls me back". I was bummed. We were stuck. My boyfriend suggested we call a taxi. I was reluctant, but we did anyways. Just as we hung up the phone, my friend decided to be useful and exclaimed that we needed to call that taxi back and cancel because he was on his way. So finally, after all of that hullabaloo, we arrived in our dorm at 12:30am, never to trust buses again.