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I was living in South Korea, Inchon. My girlfriend was from Korea and we had gone to live there for a year, and I was loving it.

One of the things that we did often was karaoke. Back in the states, I wasn't much of a karaoke fan. It's not that I can't sing, I actually sing in a band...but Korean karaoke is much better than sitting in some American bar watching drunk strangers catterwaul.

In Korea, there's all kinds of places and ways to karaoke, but the best and our most favorite were the small karaoke places that had private rooms. These kinds of places offered small private rooms that had karaoke machines, couches, disco balls, blacklights, televisions, dancepads, tambourines and all kinds of stuff. They'd serve you alcohol, food, snacks whatever you wanted and you could use the room for as long as you like at an hourly rate. You didn't have to wait for your turn and you could essentially have a little private party with a few friends.

So one night, just my girlfriend and I end up at the karaoke place, pretty wasted and we had sung just about everything we could from the catalogue.....so my gf, drunk and bored gets a little frisky. Being quite drunk and randy myself, I ignored hygiene and the somewhat unsanitary conditions and complied.

We were getting it on pretty hot and heavy when we realized the microphones were still turned on...embarrassed by who might have heard us, we hastily got dressed and made our way to the cash register, hoping to pay and get out quickly... the owner, rang us up, smiled and then complimented our singing.