by smith


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The night I nearly killed my friend goes something like this: I'm up at a friends place playing poker and it was a really long game with the chip leader constantly changing. So after hours of slowly whittling down the players it ends up with me playing the host for the $100 prize. I'm sitting on two pair , kings and nines so I'm pretty confident and go all-in. He matches me and then displays his three-of-a-kind. Damn. So I've lost my money, it's late so I say my goodbyes and jump in the car. I check the car's clock and it tells me it's 2am. I don't drink while gambling so I wasn't drunk but I was struggling to keep my eyes open with fatigue. It was only a ten minute drive home and about halfway home I driving past near the house of this girl I'm friends with. So I'm just thinking about how I should catch up with her, when, BAMPF I hit her with the car. I pull over, now wide awake, and realise who it was I'd hit.

Long story short; she broke a bone in her leg (tibia) but otherwise was pretty OK. She was blaming herself because she walked out in front of the car and unlike me had been drinking. So we decided not to sue each other. She recovered from the broken leg fine, and I am only emotionally scarred for life.