by Mia


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My mornings at school are spent alone.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have always been dropped off early to school and none of my friends were ever there. I used to read a book in the cafeteria to pass the time until the bell rang telling all the students that they could go to their classroom. Because of me being dropped off so early, leaving plenty of time to read, I usually was able to finish a decent sized book in a week.

Now in high school, I still sit and wait alone in the mornings at a bench that is nearby my first class. I stopped reading during this time of day mainly because I don't want to come off too nerdy, so most of the time I spend my time thinking or watching people pass by. When people pass by me I like to rummage through my binder to make myself look busy, like I just remembered that I had a homework assignment for one of my classes. I'm not quite sure why I make myself look busy, but it might be because I don't want others to think I'm wasting my life away at this
bench. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a total loner at school. I have friends that I've known since third grade and they understand that, sometimes, I just like to be alone.

Every once in awhile, one of my teachers feels sorry for me and invites me in their class. Of course, I have to accept and I sit quietly in there class, rummaging through my binder, making myself look busy. So far my teachers have understood that I'm not the best talker in the world and leave me to my imaginary work, while they talk to fellow teachers in their room.

Teachers talk about crazy things. And for some reason I just find it strange when teachers talk about their lives outside of school. They have lovers, hobbies, and go on weight loss programs like every other person in the universe. But listening to teachers talk about what they are going to do for their boyfriend's birthday is just so weird to me and, by the way, I was not one of those kids that used to think teachers lived in school. I always knew they could have had a family or pet at home, but now I know. I actually KNOW that they have a life, and have feelings just like me.

Lately, I haven't been invited into a class that I could stay in, in the morning. I've come to suspect this is because I wrote a couple bad remarks about one of my teachers in a school survey. I left the survey anonymous, but teachers know how their students write. Thankfully the weather is warming up in the morning. It was horrible shivering in the cold, listening to witches cackle through thin walls about how they told their students that the grade they got was permanent.

"I told them to not bother me at lunch." I heard one say. "Todd is never going to change their grade!" She said, and I heard more laughing. It was disappointing to find out my teacher was a liar, because I actually came in during lunch and bothered her. And Todd, the principal, DID change my grade. Finding out that she lied to her own kind, just made me feel closer to her. Students did the same thing.