by hayato


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Well the day started differently than others. Mostly because it was the day the band and I went into record. We packed all of our gear into my friend's SUV and started our hour drive to the studio. We were all in incredibly good moods which began the screaming from car window shenanigans. We keep this up for a good 30 minutes, to the point to where we are all in pain from laughter. We pull up to a red light, we are next to an old lady. One of my friends proceeds to roll down his window look at her and say "Let's race!" She goes ahead and plays along saying "Okay... I WILL race you!" To which my friend responds with "Yeah but we are going to win!"

"What makes you say that?" says the older woman.
Luckily the light turned green right as my friend shouted...
"Because we have big dicks!"